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Wildlife Register Report Bats 2014-10


Black Flying Foxes: 12
Grey Headed Flying Foxes:

The last year has been a reasonable one as far as Flying Foxes are concerned.

We did have a couple of events, one being a fallen tree in the Laidley colony which unfortunately included a tree containing mothers and their young. Thank you to the member of the public who reported this. With the help of Bat Conservation and Rescue, Trevor & I attended in the pouring rain and between us we were able to rescue mothers who were stuck under tree limbs. A lot of the mothers had really bad injuries and were taken to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital for either treatment or euthanasia, the babies without mothers were taken into care, the ones with mothers were placed in a small tree and by the next morning, most of them had been reunited with their mums, those that were left came straight into care and were successfully raised, creched and released by Trevor Cheeseman, Sue Holmes and Bat Conservation and Rescue. These were successfully reared and then creched and released.

We also had a extreme heat event, which meant we had to rescue a considerable number of Flying Foxes, then of course there was the clean up. Hundreds of dead Flying Foxes had to be disposed of safely. In the end we had to get the Lockyer Valley Regional Council to deal with the disposal issue. I would like to thank Bat Conservation & Rescue, together with Marcia Abraham for all their help.

Since these events the Lockyer Valley Regional Council has done a lot of clearing within the colony, clearing weed growth, but also felling the trees that the Flying Foxes roost in. This has resulted in the colony having nowhere to roost and consequently, the bulk of the colony has moved on. At present we do not know where, as the council did the same thing to the Laidley colony. Unfortunately, this was done while the Flying Foxes were pregnant, we will not know the result of this action until the end of their season.


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