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From the desk of the Treasurer and Webmaster 2014-10


As announced at the AGM, we now have an online database to hold all group functions, member records and animal records as well as many minor functions and a project management portal. Member records have been entered and training records are being entered in October. Once this is complete, we will be opening the database for members to use in early November.

At the same time, I am moving the current website to a more flexible solution and we will be updating the look and content as we do this. The new website should be released by the end of 2014.

One of the first steps in this move to a more digital management model is the bringing of all newsletters online to an electronic format and the the first E-News is being released in early-mid October with a monthly update after that.

We look forward to interacting with you electronically (especially for those who live at a distance or have difficulty in attending events).

Under another hat, F.A.U.N.A. managed to scrape through another year financially and we discussed plans at the AGM to improve our situation in the coming year with more concerted efforts at fundraising. In order to keep a central office, a rescue phone and a secretary who can run the group on a day to day basis, F.A.U.N.A. must raise an operating budget of between six and eight thousand per year and this is not usually available through grants. Therefore, if members have any ideas or initiatives for fund raising, please contact us to find out how we can help you implement them in order to assist with the financial running of the group.

If members wish to source a copy of the financial accounts for the previous year, they can be obtained by contacting me on [email protected]

Jacqui Blanch
Treasurer and Webmaster


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