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If you’d like to make a contribution to the preservation, conservation and welfare of Queensland and Australia’s native wildlife, then perhaps you would like to become a member of F.A.U.N.A.

If you wish to apply for membership, then click here to download the membership forms

Please read the following sections carefully in order to understand the obligations, terms and conditions of becoming a F.A.U.N.A. member.



Copies of the Code of practice are available through wildlife care groups and or Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, and are a must to read.

The Code of Practice is an excellent guide to the care of protected fauna in Australia. All foster carers MUST have a permit to hold fauna. This is available through your membership with a wildlife organisation in your area.

We as volunteers can only recommend to those members of the public who want to raise an orphaned or injured animal, that they join a REGISTERED wildlife group, as they will get the support necessary to raise an orphan or obtain a permit. The LAW is very specific regarding permits and penalties can be avoided by telephoning Q.P.W.S. in your local area.

F.A.U.N.A. for example, holds a permit for all its registered members and upon paying their annual subscription; members will receive a copy of this permit which has to be carried whenever transporting an animal.

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Under the Nature Conservation Act, all native wildlife taken into care, requires a permit. Caring for wildlife and raising orphans requires time and dedication. Animals in care have to be fed, weighed, measured, exercised and placed in the correct accommodation suitable for their species, age and size, until the time for release back into the wild. Please think carefully about the responsibility of caring for wildlife before filling out the Membership Application Form and signing these Membership Terms and Conditions.

Please think carefully about the responsibility of caring for wildlife before filling out the membership application form.

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Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. It is a requirement of the F.A.U.N.A. permit that all members abide by the Conservation Act 1992, Code of Practice and the Membership Terms and Conditions.
  2. No person under the age of 18 years may become a member.
  3. A member is fully responsible for the any animal in her/his care. Record sheets must be filled in and returned to the appropriate Register Head on completion.
  4. Under the Code of Practice, conditions for cage and holding facilities are in force (Section 6. Housing). Therefore prospective members accept that F.A.U.N.A. will inspect their facilities to guarantee they meet these requirements and assess the number of animals that can be held.
  5. Under the Code of Practice, conditions for cage and holding facilities are in force (Section 6. Housing). Therefore current members accept that F.A.U.N.A. reserves the right to inspect their facilities at any time to guarantee they meet these requirements and assess the number of animals that can be held.
  6. All animals received from any source other than the Register Head must be reported promptly to the appropriate Register Head.
  7. Anyone unable to continue raising/caring for an animal may not pass on the animal/s to another person without first consulting the appropriate Register Head to work out a suitable solution in the animals’ best interest.
  8. F.A.U.N.A. applies a 72 hour rule on animals brought into care under their permit. The Register Head must be advised of all animals brought into care (including very small babies, animals requiring intensive care and animals that will need to be creched). If you rescue or receive an animal, you must consult with the relevant Register Head and log the animal with the main office within 72 hours as to its disposition
  9. If an animal requires creching, the Register Head must be informed that you are holding it within 72 hours of its arrival and the Register Head will determine at what stage and with whom the crèche will be formed. The Member is not to hold a crèche animal until they have crèche mates for it unless they have discussed this with the relevant Register Head.
  10. No hand reared animal may be released without prior discussion with the Register Head.
  11. It is your responsibility to inform the appropriate Register Head when you will be unavailable to foster animals.
  12. If your Membership Application Form and Terms and Conditions Declaration is unsigned, then F.A.U.N.A. will assume that you are a support member only and will not be issuing you with a Rehabilitation Permit.
  13. F.A.U.N.A. will not issue a Rehabilitation Permit for a particular species of animal if you already hold a permit for that species either individually or with another organisation unless the applicant surrenders the other permit and ceases to operate under it.
  14. All applicants holding a permit for a species of animal either individually or with another organisation are required to either surrender their non F.A.U.N.A. permits or are considered to be members of the other organisation for that particular species.
  15. If you hold non F.AU.N.A.permits for any species you must list all permits held for all species on your Application Form.
  16. All Applicants and Members holding non F.A.U.N.A. permits for a species are required to submit an up to date copy of that permit annually with their membership renewal.
  17. Any member of F.A.U.N.A. must NOT approach any Government Department, Media Outlet, i.e. newspaper, magazines, television, radio, internet blog), other Associations or individuals without prior approval of the Management Committee and endorsement by the Secretary (this includes complaints to other organisations or government departments about other wildlife carers).
  18. Upon request any financial member of F.A.U.N.A. can obtain a copy of F.A.U.N.A.’s Association Rules, Annual Report or view Management Committee Meeting Minutes.
  19. As a financial member of F.A.U.N.A. you are entitled to approach the Management Committee with reference to your rights and obligations as a wildlife rehabilitator (under the Incorporated Associations Act).
  20. All F.A.U.N.A. permit holders are required to attend a minimum of three (3) F.A.U.N.A. workshops per year (or provide proof of attendance at other organisation’s workshops)
  21. All F.A.U.N.A. permit holders are required to assist with one (1) onsite fundraising event per year (4 hour commitment) or provide assistance with fundraising in a substantive manner that is agreed upon by the Management Committee.

Admission or Rejection of an Applicant or Current Member

  1. After the receipt of any Membership Application or Renewal (including any applicable fees) for any class of membership, such application shall be considered by the Management Committee at the next Committee Meeting who shall thereupon determine the admission or rejection of the applicant.
  2. Any applicant who received a majority of the votes of the members of the Management Committee present at the said Committee Meeting shall be accepted as a member to the class of membership approved by the Committee
  3. Upon the acceptance or rejection of an applicant for any class of membership the Secretary or Membership Secretary shall forthwith give the applicant notice in writing of such acceptance or rejection.

Termination of Membership and/or Rescission of Permit

  1. A member may resign from the association by giving written notice of resignation to the Secretary.
  2. The resignation takes effect on:
    1. the day and time the notice is received by the secretary,
    2. if a later date is stated in the notice – the later day
  3. The management committee may terminate a member’s membership or rescind their permit for a particular species if the member:
    1. is convicted of an indictable offence
    2. is rejected by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
    3. fails to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions
    4. has membership fees in arrears for a period of two (2) months
    5. conducts himself/herself in a manner considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the association or the wildlife under his/her care
  4. The member concerned shall be given a full and fair opportunity of presenting their case for continued membership and/or permit continuation.
  5. If the management committee resolves to terminate the membership it shall instruct the secretary to advise the member in writing accordingly.
  6. Any animal/s held by that member at the time of termination shall revert to the Association and it is the Member’s responsibility to arrange their transportation to a mutually agreed upon location for handover.

Difficulties and Complaints:

A protocol has been established to handle the above as follows:

  1. Grievances from members against F.A.U.N.A.are to be received by the Management Committee in writing.
  2. The Management Committee may send letters to members stating concerns and require a reply within 7 days.
  3. Mediation between Management Committee, Register Heads and/or Members will be arranged.
  4. Legal letters will be issued on instruction of the Management Committee where necessary.
  5. F.A.U.N.A. will not tolerate any breaches of the Code of Practice, F.A.U.N.A. Constitution or these Membership Terms and Conditions at any time. All breaches will be reported to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and action will be taken by the Management Committee.
  6. F.A.U.N.A. members are sometimes contacted by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, R.S.P.C.A. or members of the public to rescue injured or adult animals, particularly when the member lives in the vicinity of where the animal is found. Rescues can be risky and there is a possibility of injury to the rescuer, particularly if the animal is in pain and panics. F.A.U.N.A. cannot and does not accept liability in respect of members who are injured in such circumstances. It is the member’s responsibility to assess each situation and to ensure her/his own safety. If necessary, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection or other assistance should be sought by the member to ensure that he/she does not face the risk of injury. F.A.U.N.A. stresses that there is no obligation on a member to undertake a rescue. The decision to attempt or not attempt a rescue is made at the sole discretion of the member.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  1. Members are required, as a condition of membership of F.A.U.N.A., to sign the Membership Application Form and Membership Terms and Conditions Declaration confirming their understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Members are required to resign these Terms and Conditions whenever the Management Committee advises of changes to them as requests a new declaration be signed by each Member.

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1. NAME: The name of the incorporated association shall be F.A.U.N.A. (Fostercare of
Australia’s Unique Native Animals) Association Inc. (in these rules called “the Association”)

2. OBJECTS: The object for which the Association is established are:

  • to raise orphan native animals and successfully return them to the wild
  • to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured native animals and successfully
    return them to the wild
  • to educate all sections of the community, particularly the young, in understanding
    the needs of wildlife and the preservation of their natural environment
  • to discourage exploitation of native animals and unnecessary development of any part
    of the natural environment
  • to participate in research into the development, behaviour and life history of native
    animals either during their raising in captivity, in conditions as close as possible to
    natural conditions, or in the wild after their release
  • to encourage rational land use and proper planning of future development and
    use of the natural environment and management thereof to ensure the provision of
    abundant release sites
  • to establish and maintain a public fund, to be called F.A.U.N.A. Public Fund, the fund is
    established by deed of trust for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental
    objects/purposes of F.A.U.N.A. (Fostercare of Australia’s Unique Native Animals)
    Association Inc. The Fund is established to receive all gifts of money and property for this purpose and any money received because of such gifts must be credited to its bank account. The Fund must not receive any other money or property into its account and it must comply with subdivision 30-E of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.


3.1 the Association has, in the exercise of its affairs, all the powers of an individual.

3.2 The Association may, for example:

3.2.1 enter into contracts: and
3.2.2 acquire, hold, deal with and dispose of property; and
3.2.3 make charges for services and facilities it supplies; and
3.2.4 do other things necessary or convenient to be done in carrying out its affairs.


4.1 The membership of the Association shall consist of ordinary members, and any of the following classes of members.

    4.1.1. Management Committee, Membership Secretary and Register Heads. These members receive quarterly newsletter and have voting rights when
    appropriate as set out in the Rules
    4.1.2. General members who pay an annual membership fee receive the quarterly newsletter and have full voting rights; and
    4.1.3. Support members who pay an annual membership fee and receive the quarterly newsletter but do not have voting rights.

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For further information


F.A.U.N.A. (Fostercare of Australia ’s Unique Native Animals) Association Inc.,

Emergency Rescue: +61 7 5424 6055
E-mail the secretary: [email protected]
E-mail the webmaster: [email protected]
Address: 7 Vine Road, Coominya QLD 4311

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